QEBA Rules of the Beach

Welcome to East Beach, RI. The beach is for everyone’s use and enjoyment. Please respect your neighbor’s privacy by not behaving in a raucous, disorderly, or vulgar manner. Weekday passes must be used to drop off people at the boardwalk without entering the parking lot. Here are the common sense rules we should already know: 

  • The Beach is a Smoke-Free Zone. No Smoking please!
  • Remove all trash and any other debris from the beach when leaving.  (Carry-in/Carry out Policy)
  • No loud radios, Tape/CD/MP3 players, etc. on the beach.
  • All sporting activities including but not limited to: baseball, football, volleyball, Frisbee, paddle ball, skim boarding etc., are to take place east of the yellow marker as indicated on the parking lot pass.
  • All boats, including inflatables and wind surfers, should be launched, beached and parked east of the yellow marker.
  • QEBA accepts no responsibility for boats left on the beach.
  • Jet skis are not allowed on QEBA property. Rhode Island law prohibits the operation of jet skis within 200 feet of a swimming area.
  • Keep off the dunes and dune grass. Parents PLEASE do not allow your children to use the dunes as a bathroom. Port-a-Jons are available in the parking area.
  • No DOGS or other animals are allowed on the beach as per Charlestown town ordinances.
  • No fishing is permitted in populated swimming areas.
  • No large vehicles including, but not limited to: recreation vehicles, campers, buses or trucks, are permitted in the parking lot.
  • Parking lot closed from 9pm to 8am.

Quonochontaug East Beach Association

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